The human brain functions in such a way that it perceives visual information more quickly and holds it longer in memory.  A good illustration supports and amplifies your text and if it was created uniquely for your materials, and would be a dynamic element of your marketing strategy.  An illustration can transcend the limits of the written word and brings spontaneity, freshness and a unique point of view to the design of content.  It helps to communicate both simple and complex messages while drawing attention to certain information.
An illustration is something a person sees first even before reading the text which is next to the illustration. Quite often the presence of illustrations determines whether a text will be noticed and read.  Without illustrations chances are your message will be overlooked and ignored.
It's worth the investment to spend time and money to find the right images to illustrate your message.  Stock images and photos are generic and have so many traits in common an are instantly recognizable as stock and fail to separate you from the competition.  It is very important to know the audience to whom you are sending the message.  Let Cactus Farm Graphics create a unique image that will appeal to your target audience, bring to life to your message and support the text content.

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